UFC 214 Live Stream Jones vs Cormier HD

Yoel Romero did a considerable measure of harm to Robert Whittaker’s leg in the early adjusts of their UFC 213 title battle, and afterward he halted. Be that as it may, why?

Watch here: UFC 214 Live Stream.

In the early segments of their Interim title battle at UFC 213, it looked like Yoel Romero had Robert Whittaker dead to rights. In what was generally a genuinely even first round, Romero impacted Whittaker’s knee, abating his assault. In cycle 2, Romero begun to control Whittaker against the pen and on the ground. It appeared like the damage would play a central point.

And after that it didn’t.

Not exclusively did Whittaker go ahead to win the last three rounds of the session, yet Romero quit focusing on the harmed leg. As far as concerns him, the Cuban middleweight says that wasn’t by decision, however because of the specialty of his rival.

“[I saw it] after each time I would attempt to do a similar side kick to the leg, he would transform it,” Romero said at the UFC 213 post-battle meeting.

“Yes, obviously [I attempted to utilize leg kicks], however he didn’t give me the open door,” Romero clarified. “When I would attempt to do a similar side kick to the leg, he would switch his leg, and I was risking staying in his [striking] protect, inside reach of his hands.”

Whittaker is relied upon to go ahead to confront Michael Bisping in an offered to bind together the UFC middleweight title sooner rather than later. Romero clarified that he would like to come back to activity soon.


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